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Pianist Lyudmila of Berlin: biography, career and personal life
Lyudmila Valentinovna Berlinskaya - famous Russian and Soviet pianist and actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1996). He is the founder of the Paris Spring festival, the founder of…

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Coming from a simple family, Yevgeny Martynov managed to graduate with honors from the music and pedagogical institute, where teachers gave him the nickname “Gift” for his unique talent. A few years after graduation, he came to Moscow, becoming a real gift for millions of Soviet people. His pure and bright lyrical songs were sounded almost daily from all repeaters, giving listeners joy and faith in a bright tomorrow.

Talented student Yevgeny Martynov
Yevgeny Martynov was born on May 22, 1948 in Kamyshin, Volgograd region, but the childhood of the future composer was spent in the Donbas. His father, Grigory Ivanovich, was a self-taught musician who instilled a love for music and his children: his sons Yevgeny and Yuri. The eldest son listened with admiration to his father playing the accordion, and when he grew up, he began to learn himself. When he was 11 years old, his father bought him a real accordion.

In 1962, Martynov graduated from school and entered the Artyomovsk Musical College at the conductor-spiritual department. It was there that Martynov wrote his first singer Yevgeny Martynov’s own works. And by the 4th year he grew up as a respected musician: his photo was on the student Honor Board, he was paid an increased scholarship as an excellent student, he became the winner of the school competition for the best performance of works by Soviet composers.

After graduating from college with honors, a talented guy went to Kiev to enter the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. And the parents dissuaded his son from the trip, doubting that he would be able to pass a huge competition. But he entered the conservatory from the first entry. True, in September he had to be transferred to another educational institution, since it was unbearable to live in a conservatory dormitory. With the help of his father, who personally went to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Yevgeny managed to transfer to Donetsk Music and Pedagogical Institute.

Successful audience
The path to fame began for Martynov in 1972, when he from Donetsk, where he worked as the head of the orchestra of the Research Institute of Explosive Equipment, went to Moscow to visit the popular singer Maya Kristalinskaya. singer Yevgeny Martynov The purpose of the trip was to show her some of his own songs. As a result, the singer chose one for herself – “Birch”.

With a complimentary recommendation from the Kristalinskaya Martynov himself went to Rosconcert. They listened to him there, they were satisfied and decided to try as a soloist-vocalist in the national variety program. True, the first two months the novice had to work for free. And he went on his first tour – in the Far East. The most famous song in Martynov’s repertoire was The Ballad of the Mother, which he wrote a year ago on the verses of Andrei Dementyev. This song immediately fell to the soul of a simple listener, which could not be said about the representatives of the composer’s workshop.

New Horizons by Evgeny Martynov
In 1973, Eugene went to the All-Union competition of Soviet song performers in Minsk and became a laureate there. Do not have time to come the first success, as fate began to test his strength. It all started with the fact that Martynov was diagnosed with “overworking of the vocal cords” by doctors and prescribed a complete singer Yevgeny Martynov for two weeks of silence and a three-month abstention from singing. And barely a voice returned to him, as a new attack came – they decided to call him into the army. But the singer was lucky: since he was already quite popular by that time, the Union of Composers took him under his care and managed to save him from the service. As it turned out, not in vain. Martynov’s song “The Ballad of the Mother” performed by Sofia Rotaru became the finalist of the “Song-74”. And in June 1975, he himself went to represent Soviet art at the Bratislava Lira festival. There he sang his new song “Apple trees in bloom” and was awarded the main prize – “Golden Lira-75”.

In 1976, a new victory ensued: Martynov received a silver medal at the international contest of pop song singer Yevgeny Martynov “Golden Orpheus” in Bulgaria, where he performed two Bulgarian songs and his “Alenushka”. It was a success with a capital letter. However, he did not change everyday disorder: the winner of the prestigious competition continued to live in a rented apartment, in which there was not even a piano. He was still writing notes on scraps of paper somewhere on the road and in hotels. So it could go on and on if Joseph Kobzon had not helped out. One day after the next joint concert, Joseph Davydovich volunteered to throw Martynov home. And he suddenly said that he was spending the night today … at the Kursk railway station. And the next morning, Kobzon led a colleague to the deputy chairman of the Moscow City Council. A week later, Eugene made the necessary deposit in the housing cooperative, and six months later received a warrant for a new apartment. Martynov was already a super popular artist, his country was singing his songs.

At the peak
In August 1978, the singer married. His wife was a 19-year-old from Kiev, Evelina Staranchenko, a student at the Kiev Musical College.

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