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Do you enjoy your favorite tracks every day and can't live a day without them? But even the most ardent music lovers cannot know everything about their hobby. But the…

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One of the most prominent personalities of the musical history of Niccolò Paganini, despite his rather demonic appearance, has never lacked fans. He was not even 20 when a rich…

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Lyudmila Gurchenko half a century ago became a popular favorite, truly a superstar. Diva of the national cinema has overcome a difficult path, earning success and recognition. Whatever Ludmila Gurchenko…

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For some reason, many are convinced that one in a million is able to break through the web of poverty and get to the top of glory. On the one hand, yes, because the family’s capacity is not enough for the full development of even a very gifted child. But there is another side. Children from low-income families understand very early what they want. If you add to this a strong spirit, the desire to win and the ability to find development for your hobby, you get a very high result. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, but simply Sting is one of those. He once admitted that he would not like to return his childhood and to become little Gordon Sumner again. And now Sting is a world-scale star, a couple of tracks that any radio listener knows.

Why “sting”?
Alias ​​Sting in English means “sting”. Perhaps this is a necessary quality for those who want to escape from the bottom. The origin of the stage name of this British rock musician is not fully explained. In most singer Singsluchaev when choosing a stage name, artists take care of the euphony. But sometimes the stage name comes about by chance, like a nickname accidentally hooked.

Translated from English sting – sting. Some people think that Gordon was given the nickname because he came to his rehearsals and performances at the beginning of his musical career in a yellow-and-black striped sweater. It was all like a wasp. And supposedly it was from here that the nickname Sting was born. Others say that this “name” is not at all new, but borrowed or overbought. In general … the main thing is that it fully corresponds to this person. Why?

Gordon Sumner had to be, if I may say so, a real drill to achieve what he now has. Perhaps because of all that he experienced, such an intolerable, in the opinion of many, character developed. At the same time, he is intolerant not only towards others, but also towards himself.

Sting. The beginning of the struggle
On October 2, 1951, the firstborn was born in a young family in the port city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a major industrial center in the north of England. He was called Gordon. The boy’s singer, Sting, was Ernest Matthew Sumner, who worked as a fitter at a local engineering company, and later became a manager at a small dairy store. Mother – Audrey – worked as a hairdresser, and later – as a nurse.

Behind the proud born brother and two sisters. Because of the pregnancy, the mother did not have the opportunity to go to work. The family lived on the little salary of the father. The house has always been noisy because of the screaming and fights of children, but also because the parents found out the relationship. The eldest son often thought about who he would go with if his parents divorced. But the years went by, and the parents were together. Later, Sting recalled that his family was not poor, at the same time, the money was only for the most necessary. They could not pamper themselves even the smallest.

Gordon, as a senior, often had to help his father in the shop, when some of the workers for some reason did not come to the workplace. And here, probably, the singer Sting for the first time and unknowingly began to show the features of a fighter. The child for some reason decided that the father loves other children more, and Gordon simply uses it only because he can quickly carry milk while working on the delivery. And he alone could take ten bottles at a time. The boy wanted to show that he is the best and he also has something to love.

At first, Gordon, like all the boys, was chasing a ball on the street during his free time from school and work, but then these classes began to draw his attention less and less. Again, in order to prove something to someone, he began to sing in the church choir, learning the whole service in Latin. Having discovered the ability to swim, he spent his meager income to pay for his classes, causing even older guys to compete, and was very upset when he lost. At the same time, he did not lower his hands, but worked until he achieved his goal. There must be only victory. Grandmother Gordon instilled in him a love of reading. She gave the boy “Treasure Island”. After that, the books were inseparable companions teenager.

Splitting from friends
From childhood, Gordon remembered that his mother played the piano. When the child grew up and was able to reach the keys, the singer Stingto was very surprised that the music did not come out of his touch. Some critics say that this children’s conviction has been preserved in the Sting even today: just touch the instrument and music will flow from it. Then one of the uncle’s visitors forgot the guitar in the Samner house. She, of course, was in the hands of Gordon. However, after graduating from school, he chose a rather unexpected career — he entered the pedagogical college, after which he graduated in 1974 as an English teacher and got a degree in the Newcastle Catholic School of St. Paul, where he worked for the next two years.

singer Sting, while studying at school, did not leave the musical exercises, played in the assembly hall at recess, after school.

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