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There was a time when in the Soviet Union “O sole mio”, “Jamaica” and other famous songs performed by Italian boy Robertino Loretti were heard from almost all open windows.…

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One of the most prominent personalities of the musical history of Niccolò Paganini, despite his rather demonic appearance, has never lacked fans. He was not even 20 when a rich…

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Ani Lorak has solo concerts in the National Palace of Arts “Ukraine”, albums, singles, biographical video, video clips. Her photos were published on the covers of Cosmopolitan, FHM, What’s On. She played a major role in the musical “Gypsies”, as well as roles in New Year’s musical projects: Oksana (“Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”) and Fanshetta (“Crazy Day or Marriage of Figaro”), took second place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 and not going to stop there.

She was born on September 27, 1978 in the small town of Kitsman, in the north of the Chernivtsi region, in the same house where Vladimir Ivasyuk was born, the author of the song “Chervona Ruta”. Maybe it was a sign that the girl will become a singer. Especially since everyone in her family sang. The singer’s father, a local journalist, graduated from a music school with a choir conductor class, as well as a philological faculty of Chernivtsi University; mother worked as a radio announcer. According to the memoirs of the star, even the grandmother always sang something … By the way, it was at the suggestion of her grandmother-polka that she was called Caroline.

Singer Ani Lorak. The future star of Ukrainian pop music held in Chernivtsi. Since the parents divorced before her birth and there was no one to help my mother, children, Caroline and her brother Sergey were sent to boarding school to look after them. The desire to become a singer, Caroline appeared in four years. The girl often performed at various school vocal competitions. In 1992, she participated in the popular Chernivtsi festival “Primrose” and won. This is where fourteen-year-old Carolina meets producer Yury Falesa and signs her first professional contract.

The first experience of the performance she remembers so far. She and her brother were walking along a nearby street, and Sergey decided to go and see his friend, while Caroline stayed near the entrance and began to sing loudly. People began to gather around. The girl liked being watched and listened to as she sings, with her mouth open! According to the singer herself, it was read in their eyes that she had something that they did not have. Inspired, she continued to sing even louder … the singer Ani Lorak Sang everything like a radio: Pugacheva, Valley, Veski. When she stopped, applause rang out. And one grandmother approached the future star and held out an iron ruble with the words: “Hold on, kiddy, this ruble, but in your life you will earn many more such rubles”.

And the Russian television program “The Morning Star”, which appeared on screens in March 1995, brought fame to the young singer. At the same time, Caroline became known as Ani Lorak: in this competition a Russian singer under the name Caroline had already been declared, and Ukrainian Caroline had to get out of a difficult situation, performing under a pseudonym, which is the opposite of her name.

At the same time, according to the results of the “New Stars of the Old Year” poll, she was recognized as the discovery of 1994 and was awarded the “Golden Firebird” of the Tavria Games, and at the “Chervona Ruta” festival held in the Crimea, Ani Lorak took second place.
Star Friends Ani Lorak
Ani and Philip Kirkorov met in 2002 at the shooting of the musical “Evenings on the Farm Ani Ani Lorak near Dikanka” in Kiev, where she played the main role of Oksana, and he is a pretty devil. At first, he did not pay much attention to the girl, but at the break, having fun at the piano, she suddenly started singing … It was a completely amazing timbre, which somehow resembled the voice of Alla Pugacheva in her youth. In addition, it turned out that Lorac is well versed in the work of the prima donna and knows her songs. Then life pushed them on the set of the musical “The Marriage of Figaro”, where they were already like old friends. After that, they met each time when Ani came to Moscow – so a brief acquaintance grew into a strong friendship.

Philip is a longtime fan of Eurovision. In 1995 he participated in it himself, in 1997 he traveled there with Alla Pugacheva, in 2007 with Dima Koldun, who represented Belarus. This year, he, as a composer of the song, singer Ani Lorak “Shady Lady” decided to entrust her performance to Ani Lorak. Kirkorov was sure that Ani would show a good result at the competition and helped her in preparing for it. They got a good creative tandem with Philip: according to Ani, if she has a question, the problem is not only creative, but also personal, she will definitely consult with him. By and large, he performs and production work. But at the same time, he is more for her than a producer. Apparently, to some extent, Philip was able to become Ani Lorak’s elder brother (singer’s brother Sergei died in Afghanistan when she was 9 years old, and probably the place for brotherly love remained empty in her heart).

Dreams of Ani Lorak
When Anya is asked about her childhood dream, she replies that her dream has come true – she always wanted to sing. She began to learn in Europe, she tours in Greece, Turkey, England, Sweden, singer Ani Lorak but believes that we need to go further, open new horizons and become a world-famous singer.

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