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After receiving a degree at a young age, Joe Dassin could find a well-paid job and enjoy stability. And he chose show business - an eternal challenge, a constant movement,…

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After receiving a degree at a young age, Joe Dassin could find a well-paid job and enjoy stability. And he chose show business – an eternal challenge, a constant movement, and he liked that very much. He was often told that he had an unusually velvety voice, that he was incredibly talented, but he just liked what he did. I liked that you can not relax and hibernate. “I dream of being back in Moscow again with a concert,” said Joe Dassin in the 1980th, in the year of his death. After 30 years, his young beautiful son – Julien Dassin – embodied his father’s dream and brought the play “Once upon a time was Joe Dassin” to the capital.

Talent is important
Joseph Dassin was born on November 5, 1938 in New York. His mother – violinist Beatrice Loper, father – Jules Dassin, the famous director. And the grandfather was a Russian émigré who left Odessa, because in America (in any case, he thought so), you only need to bend down to collect full handfuls of gold.

In 1950, the family was forced to leave America. At the time of the initiative of Senator Joseph McCarthy, a real witch-hunt unfolded in America: any left-wing citizen was persecuted. The father of the future singer was suspected of sympathizing with Moscow. singer Joe Dassin “When I was 12 years old, my parents moved to France. They did the right thing, that they did not send me to an American school, but to a French lyceum, thanks to which I speak almost equally two languages, although I speak a little better in English – yet this is my native language. ”

In 1955, Joe’s parents divorced. The young man was very hard going through family drama and finally decided to return to his homeland, to America, especially since the level of education at American universities in those years was very high. Dassin entered the University of Michigan at Ann Arboe. For some time he was engaged in medicine, however, when it came to animal experiments, Joe realized that he could never become a doctor, and switched to ethnology and the Russian language. To pay for his studies and earn a little pocket money, he tried a lot of professions. On an old pink-colored hearse, he took out trash cans from the women’s college, then worked as a truck driver, transporting plants for a botanical garden from Chicago to San Francisco, washing dishes at a university coffee shop.

Joe Dassin’s Career Start
In 1963, Joe defended his doctoral thesis. Penniless in the hold of a cargo vessel, he reached Italy. singer Joe Dassin His father invited him as his assistant to the shooting of the film “Tolkari.” This fact later allowed some critics to state that it was not known how Joe’s career would have been, if he had not been the son of a famous director.

This is how Dassin himself replied to the spiteful critics: “Even if you are a Prince of Wales or president of the French Republic, people are not interested in titles or origin, but in talent — unless, of course, you have it. As for the influence of the father, I do not think that there is at least one person on whom the parents would not have any influence. I also can not say that his example pushed me to become a singer. ”

He worked day and night, he was not stubborn in his persistence … And in 1963, Joe was fortunate enough to meet Jacques Pleto. Later, he became the art director of the singer, and together they created several singer Joe Dassin songs that soared to the top lines of music parades on radio stations. Two years later, Joe recorded “Les Dalton” – a disc that became “golden”, and the title song was played on all radio stations.

Inspired by Joe, he exclaimed before his first performance in the famous “Olympia”: “The stage is a pleasure that bewitches me.” Since 1969, there was no place for rest in the life of Dassin. Started a series of continuous touring. It was especially popular in Canada and other French-speaking countries. Records with songs exceeded millions of copies. One by one, songs are born that are now included in the golden fund of the twentieth century. While the French singers performed in America, this calm, discreet American, who came to France to win the hearts of the French in his voice, made an excellent career. His seriousness, commitment to excellence, talent – the main conditions for this success.

The girl from the photo salon
singer Joe Dassin c Christine Delvaux
Joe Dassin turned 38 years old – quite a mature age. The main theme of his songs, with which he made such a brilliant career, was love. But he himself, it seems, has not yet found it. In 1976, Joe was on tour in Rouen. In one of his free days, he went to a photo studio to give a film for development. Clients served a young girl. Joe paid attention to her and, without losing time, invited her to lunch. They liked each other, fell in love and decided not to part anymore. The wedding took place on January 14, 1978, and the bride’s name was Christine Delvo.

After the honeymoon, which the couple spent in Los Angeles, Joe began to prepare for work in the studio, quietly learning new songs and expected the appearance of a new man in the world.

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