7 paternal tips from famous guitarists for beginners
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More than 30 years ago, Claudia Ivanovna Shulzhenko’s heart stopped beating. And it is not at all important that the younger generation knows about it by hearsay. The main thing…

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Lyudmila Gurchenko half a century ago became a popular favorite, truly a superstar. Diva of the national cinema has overcome a difficult path, earning success and recognition. Whatever Ludmila Gurchenko…

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Demis Roussos, performer of melodic love songs, is known to the whole world as the “Greek nightingale”. The popularity of a loving singer is equated to the popularity of the Pope himself. And what is surprising? After all, he is Demis Roussos.

Confidence in your strength
The son of Greek parents, George and Olga, was born on June 15, 1946 in Alexandria. The boy’s father was a successful Greek architect, and the Artemios Venturis Rusos family in Egypt did not live in misery. From early childhood, he simply immersed himself in folk music, which was spiced with Byzantine and Arabic motifs. Artemios often sang various melodies and eventually decided to join the choir of the Greek Byzantine Church. So began his solo career. During the five years spent in the choir, he studied musical theory, learned to play the guitar and trumpet. This was during the years of the Suez crisis. More recently, a prosperous family was forced to emigrate to Greece.

Then the seventeen-year-old Demis thought only about music, and this drove his mother to despair, because she hoped to give the young man to the best school of Athens. singer Demis RoussosNo Demis paid little attention to the mother’s reproaches and instructions, and without hesitation, in 1963 created his first group, Idols. The team consisted of his cousin Joe and three other familiar guys. Roussos played guitar and bass, besides he worked on vocals. To make a living, they performed in a small cabaret.

One day, the soloist asked him to sing one or two songs during a concert while he was resting. Artemios accepted the offer, performed the classic song “The House Of The Rising Sun” and Percy Slage’s hit song “When A Man Loves A Woman”. The audience was fascinated, and since then every night he has been asked to sing again and again.

Demis Roussos first contract
Since then, the group and performances have become an integral part of his life. The meeting with Vangelis Papazanasio and Lukas Sideras was a turning point in his musical career. That was in 1966. Vangelis wrote a song specifically for the voice of Demis. Singer Demis Roussos. After that, he began to sing in the group more and more. However, soon the young musicians Demis, Lucas and Vangelis realized that a career can only be made outside of Greece. And in 1968, Demis Roussos formed a new group We Five, where he himself became a soloist. They decided to leave Greece to “conquer the world.”

Lucas and Demis boarded a train and went to London. Vangelis was supposed to join them a few days later. But fate decided otherwise. When they arrived at Dover without working contracts, customs officers at the English border found photos and recordings in their baggage and quickly realized the true intentions of the young people.

Plans had to change, and in a matter of urgency. And they decided to go to Paris, where unrest was already brewing due to violent clashes between the police and students. Every day the money became less and less, and only registration could save them. Having learned that an international music conference is being held in the French capital, organized by the company Phonogram, the musicians decide to meet with its leaders.

A ruthless contract was signed for six years. But they had no choice, singer Demis Russobebez contract no one agreed to record them. They worked in the basement on four square meters, and it was there that Vangelis was born the song “Rain and Tears” to the verses of Boris Bergman.
There was only one record, and that one under rather strange circumstances. It would seem their dream finally came true. But the next day the studio closed due to a general strike. Demis and his buddies were not particularly upset about this. A few weeks later, “Rain and Tears” took first place in the charts. And the proposals for the speeches fell on the group like a horn of plenty.

Weekly engagement in the famous Olympia concert hall, then all summer in clubs in the South of France. The popularity grew and with it the number of records sold, helped by the fantastic voice of Demis Roussos. Famous producer Lou Reisner became their Godfather and gave the group the name Aphrodite’s Child.

Demis RoussosAphrodite’s Child
At this time, Demis married a girl named Monique. The daughter Emily was born and life seemed to Demis cloudless. But Vangelis was unhappy. He wanted to write more serious music that could stand against the English and American music markets. Vangelis wanted to stop the trip and devote all the time working in the studio. The embodiment of this desire was the recording of the album “666”. It was a critical moment for the band: after three months of costly recording, the music company panicked. The group break became inevitable after the quarrel of Vangelis and Lucas. Vangelis was left alone, but a year later he finished the album, which was later called the masterpiece of the classics.

Solos career Roussos
To Demis, as the leader of the ex-band, the record company provided a chance to become singer Demis Rossossolny.

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