For some reason, many are convinced that one in a million is able to break through the web of poverty and get to the top of glory. On the one…

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With such a face, Frank Sinatra could become a successful intelligence officer - it was impossible to remember him. Small, inconspicuous, with gimlet of light eyes. But not with his…

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Lyudmila Gurchenko half a century ago became a popular favorite, truly a superstar. Diva of the national cinema has overcome a difficult path, earning success and recognition. Whatever Ludmila Gurchenko…

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With such a face, Frank Sinatra could become a successful intelligence officer – it was impossible to remember him. Small, inconspicuous, with gimlet of light eyes. But not with his appearance, Frank Sinatra was successful. The guards called him Napoleon, Marlene Dietrich – ““ Rolls-Royce ”among men,” and all the other grateful compatriots called simply the Voice. Frank Sinatra lived a long, stormy, interesting life, it was all – and ups and downs. This American “self made man”. Not one generation of people has grown up on his immortal songs not only in America, but in the whole world.

So it all began
Coming from provincial Hoboken (New Jersey), which he himself considered a “gutter”, Francis Albert Sinatra managed to get no education, but it was said that he could even sing a phone book. The idol of his youth jazz singer Bing Crosby in the mid-fifties summed up: “Only one singer is a great singer for the whole world. His name is Sinatra. ”

The first pop idol of America was born on December 12, 1915 in the family of a boxer and a nurse from Sicily. Nineteen-year-old Dolly was a large woman, so the baby weighed more than six kilograms and had to be pulled with forceps. There were no more children in the family. Maybe that’s why little Frank knew nothing about failure. Mother singer Frank Sinatra worked on underground abortions, for which she took $ 35: for those times – a decent amount. The boy grew up musical but incapable of science and hooliganism, so he was safely expelled from school. His mother added him a courier to a sports newspaper, but Frankie did not stay there either. With adolescence scandalous glory has never left him ever.

The first post that paved the way for fame for Sinatra was the driver’s seat in the Hoboken trio “Three Flashes”, but soon he joined the team as a singer and the ensemble changed its name to “Four of Hoboken”. A contract with Sinatra costs the producer $ 25 a week: for the opportunity to sing and see his name on the posters, Sinatra was ready to pay extra. Even then, in a difficult moment, when a wild popularity suddenly began to leave him, he used this tried and tested means – he performed for free.

Returning home after the first tour, Frank married a modest girl Nancy Barbato. She will be the mother of Sinatra’s three children: Nancy, Frank and Christina.

singer Frank Sinatra Nancy and Frank Sinatra
One night in a roadside tavern singing Sinatra was heard by the head of a large jazz band Tommy Dorsey and signed a contract with Frank. In Sinatra’s obstetric tongs, the eardrum was damaged, he could not hear and could not read music, but he was smart and waited in the wings. One day, watching Dorsey playing the trombone, Frank was amazed to find that he was not breathing deeply, but only opening a hole in the corner of his mouth. Narrow-breasted Sinatra begins to do the same, using his voice as a musical instrument. He realizes that you cannot go far with his lungs and develops them with furious perseverance, he swims in the pool for hours and achieves a good result – the voice becomes stronger and more harmonious. Fate rewards him for his efforts, he has the first fans, and by his twenty-fifth birthday the singer released the first record – “Dress with Polka Dot and the Rays of the Moon”. An invitation to Hollywood was not long in coming.

Five thousand letters a week for Frank Sinatra
His film debut was the role in the musical film “Las Vegas Nights”, where Sinatra sang his first singer Frank Sinatra a real hit: “I will never smile again.” Frank’s solo debut in New York was deafening. By 1943, Sinatra’s fees had risen to 50 thousand dollars, he received the title of the best singer of the year, rapidly overgrown with fans. Manifestations of their passionate love were subject to seasonal fluctuations: in winter they rake snow from under his boots, in warm weather they leave traces of lipstick on Sinatra’s house; indoors they collect ashes from his cigarettes, and in barbershops – the remnants of his hair cut. Later, across the whole of America two thousand fan-clubs of the singer will be created, and his mail will be five thousand letters a week.

He sings and acts in film, leads TV shows and radio programs. If the first film was offered to him in musicals, then later Sinatra becomes a real dramatic actor. His roles are varied: he plays a psychopath, a pianist, a surgeon, a sailor, a drug addict gambler. singer Frank Sinatra A for the role of the cheerful Italian soldier Angelo Maggio, who was slaughtered to death in an army prison (“From now on and forevermore”),. The same statuette awarded the anti-racist game short film “The House I Live In”, where he was filmed for free. In 1964, Frank put on his own film, “Only a Brave Man,” for which he received a special film prize. Becoming a legend in his lifetime, Frank was honored to look at himself from the outside: in 1992 in the film “Sinatra” he was played by an actor with Russian roots Philip Krasnoff. And in his native Hoboken he, also during his lifetime, was erected a monument.

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