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How to learn to understand classical music
THE CLASSICAL MUSIC OF OUTDOOK BY PRACTICALLY MYSTICAL AUROL: to listen and understand it, you need not only a special attitude, but also a remarkable education. Even if you did…

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The attitude towards Igor Talkov is ambiguous. Some call him a rebel, a revolutionary and a talented man. Others say that his songs were simple in content, and the performances were not provocative, because singing such lyrics on the eve of perestroika is not heroism at all. How many people, so many opinions, but I think everyone can agree on one thing: neither before nor after has there been such a singer and songwriter in Russia. Igor Talcov was alone. So he will remain in our memory forever.

Igor Talkov Interrupted Run
Once Talkov flew to a concert in Tyumen with his group. When the plane hit the thundercloud, everyone began to worry. Then Igor said: “Do not be afraid. While you are with me, you will not perish. They will kill me with a large gathering of people, and they will not find the killer … ”

singer Aziza Aziza
At a concert held on October 6, 1991 in St. Petersburg at the Yubileiny Sports Palace, many performers performed. A friend of the singer Aziza, at her request, asked Igor Talkov to speak first, as Aziza did not have time to prepare for the exit. Igor summoned Igor Malakhov’s bodyguard to his dressing room. They had a fight. The Talkov guards took Aziza’s bodyguard.

The singer began to prepare for the performance, but after a few minutes, the administrator of his group “Lifebuoy” Valery Shlyafman came running to him with a shout that Malakhov had pulled a pistol. Talcov took a gas-signal pistol from his bag, which he acquired for self-defense, ran out into the corridor and, seeing that his guards were under Malakhov’s sight, shot him three times. Aziza’s bodyguard ducked, and the guards, taking advantage of this, began to disarm him. Then he made two shots that hit the floor. The guards began to hit the gunman and, covering his head, he dropped his pistol. After a few moments, another shot rang out that hit Igor Talkov’s heart. When the ambulance arrived, the doctor determined the biological death.

The come true forebodings of Igor Talkov
City prosecutors opened a criminal case. Malakhov, announced in the All-Union search, voluntarily arrived with a confession. singer Igor Talkov In December 1991, the charge of premeditated murder was dropped from him. After conducting examinations in April 1992, the investigation established that Shliafman made the last shot. After that, the accused left for Israel, with which Russia did not have an extradition agreement at that time, and the murder case was suspended.

Igor Talkov was buried on October 9, 1991 in Moscow at the Vagankovsky cemetery. The singer died a month before the 35th birthday. In St. Petersburg, at the Yubileiny Sports Palace, a memorial plaque was installed with the inscription “Eternal memory to the poet, singer and composer Igor Talkov who died in Russia from the Russian people and the Russian party”. Every year on October 6, at 18 o’clock, the monks of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery serve here as a memorial litium.

Talkov’s wife, Tatiana, told me that on October 3 or 4, Igor was phoned. The conversation ended with the husband’s response: “Are you threatening me? Good. Declare war? I accept her. Let’s see who will be the winner. ” On the eve of death, on October 5, Igor performed one acoustic singer Igor Talkov with a concert at the technical school in Gzhel. A string broke on his guitar. This was the last exit Igor Talkov on stage.

The singer said that the songs – this is the shortest path to the heart and mind of man. The scene for him was a battlefield, and the viewer was a host, which united under the banner of his songs. In recent years, the popularity of Talkov began to increase dramatically. His concerts were held in crowded halls and often turned into meetings. He gradually became the leader for which the youth could go …

Beginning of life
Igor Talkov was born on November 4, 1956 in the Shchekino District of the Tula Region. The Talkov family belonged to the nobility. Igor’s parents were repressed and met in places of detention. Here was born the elder brother of Igor – Vladimir.

Igor was in high school, while at the same time doing music in the bayan class. From subjects he liked literature, history and geography, and mathematics and physics were unloved lessons. During his studies, Igor dreamed of becoming a hockey player and for the singer Igor Talkovetogo seriously trained. He even went to Moscow to attend CSKA or Dynamo school, but did not qualify.

Igor Talkov loved music since childhood. Together with his brother, he organized a concert, where the audience was toys, and musical instruments – a washboard (bayan) and iron plates (drum). The first real musical instrument of Talkov was the Kirov bayan bought by parents.

At school, Igor was a member of the ensemble “Guitarists” and led the choir. In high school, he played the piano and guitar, and later independently mastered the bass guitar, violin and drums. They say that the saxophone was the favorite instrument of the musician, but he could not play it.

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