Interesting music facts
Mozart's music The well-known Austrian composer Mozart, whose music is considered to be the pinnacle of world classics, composed “smart” music. Scientific studies have proven the fact that the music…

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The creators of the famous band Offspring when choosing a guitarist were guided by far from musical interests. They just wanted to buy alcohol unhindered. The fact is that at…

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The attitude towards Igor Talkov is ambiguous. Some call him a rebel, a revolutionary and a talented man. Others say that his songs were simple in content, and the performances…

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7 paternal tips from famous guitarists for beginners

We all make mistakes, especially when we are just starting to learn something. We have collected tips from famous guitarists to help you learn. And also we will tell you about the basic mistakes that novice guitarists make. Now you will do everything right.

1. Play what you like
Zacc wilde
“Do what you love. You must have a passion for what you do. If you like Sabbath and Zeppelin and everything that you like is within this style, then your music should be in this flow. ”- Zack Wilde

2. Remember other band members.
Phil collen
“There are two things that a guitar player should keep in mind – you have to listen to other band members and a song is your king. All the rest will follow. You need to make your vocalist sound great. And this will be followed by rhythm and melody. Always think of a song. ”- Phil Collen

3. Do what you like.
Gary Clark Jr
“For a long time I heard that guitarists should play without effects. And I followed this rule. But once I said, “Why not?” You know, these are just toys, but with their help something can be achieved. Therefore, I scored on this rule and began to play with gadgets. And I like it. ”- Gary Clark Jr.

4. Adjust to the second guitar player.
Kirk Hammett
“When you start to play first, there is always a desire to hide behind the distortion, because it is very easy to ruin everything. But when it comes to rhythm, you should get out of the distortion a bit, especially if you are playing with another guitar player. In fact, during the years of the joint game, James and I found that reducing overload allows us to play our reefs better, as it helps us to be less careless. ”- Kirk Hammett

5. You must know your genre.
joe bonomassa
“Listen to as much music as possible, play as many styles as possible. If you think that the blues suits you – play the blues, but do not forget to try something else. It doesn’t matter what style of music you play, if you feel it, then you can sell it. ”- Joe Bonamass

6. Write bad songs
john mayer
“I can’t express how important it is to write bad songs. Many do not finish their songs, because they believe that there is nothing good in them. Well, they are not good enough. Add a song anyway! I want you to write as bad a song as you can. But you will not write bad songs. Do you think that the song is bad and therefore do not finish it? You know what? She’s bad because you haven’t finished her. ”- John Meier

7. Work on the art of creating songs
Bon Jovi
“You definitely need to work hard on creating songs, because they are the foundation of our business. We can all be great musicians, but if we don’t have a song that we can play, then no one will come to listen to you, no one will buy your CDs and you will not have a career. It is very important to create your own style. This is the best advice I can give you. If you can’t write music, find a good composer who can teach you. ”- Bon Jovi

And now we would like to list the main mistakes of novice musicians.

1. vibrato
This is a super undervalued technique that not everyone can perform, although everyone thinks they can do it.

You don’t have to shake your hand super fast until the string starts to swing from the top to the bottom of the fingerboard. In fact, a good vibrato technique is in a relaxed motion, with which you add a bit of natural vibration to the note you play.

The main thing that most ignore is time. Vibrato should relate to a certain period of time. By adding an effect to a note, you should not go out of the time frame or the key frame.

Also, do not use vibrato on each note longer than a quarter. The fact that you hold a note does not mean that you have to add vibrato to it. If you add a special effect all the time, it will cease to be a special one. Therefore, use vibrato only when it is in place.

2. Time
This is a very common mistake. If you once recorded yourself, then you probably noticed that you are not playing to the beat. Perhaps you will improve this over time, and perhaps not.

The problem is that you play the guitar, thinking of it as an instrument that just makes a sound. Therefore, when you learn scales and chords, you can no longer forget the rhythm.

You can fix the problem with the metronome.

3. Visualization of the neck
The bottom line is that many people do not see music on the fingerboard. That is, playing chords, they do not understand what kind of notes. And looking at the notes, they do not see how this can be played.

You first need to learn the patterns – that is, the tablature. Then study the intervals that you play, and then the notes. This article will help you in all this.

You have to learn to literally see what you are playing. This will help you become the best guitar player.

4. Too many notes
Maybe you had the feeling “When I play solo, I just run up and down the templates and I don’t know.

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