Montserrat Caballe is destined to be the last of the caste of great opera divas of the twentieth century. At one time, Maria Callas was assigned the epithet Divine, and…

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Pianist Lyudmila of Berlin: biography, career and personal life
Lyudmila Valentinovna Berlinskaya - famous Russian and Soviet pianist and actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1996). He is the founder of the Paris Spring festival, the founder of…

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Larisa Mondrus is called the number one star of Soviet pop music of the late 1960s and early 70s. And the first thing that pops up in my memory is…

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With the name of Vera Brezhnev, the first association is associated with the group “VIA Gra”. The story of the most famous Ukrainian team, consisting of girls, began with attempt number 5. But this blond beauty, similar to the young Bridget Bardot, was recruited into the group “VIA Gra” from the first attempt. For a very long time everyone asked the question: how, not having a singing education, did she get into a super popular group? The secret is simple – her endurance and sense of purpose were envied even in childhood. Vera always knew what she wanted and how to achieve it. Now she is called the sexiest woman in Ukraine and the most popular blonde. In the frame – Vera Brezhnev.

The childhood years are “wonderful”
February 3, 1982 in the small industrial city Dneprodzerzhinsk was not born a winter girl. A blond child with blue eyes all prophesied a bright future. Since childhood, Vera has been involved in sports and dancing, although she grew up in a large family in which there were three more girls: Vera’s older sister, Galya, and two twin sisters, Vika and Nastya. Lived not rich. The girls’ father worked at the Pridneprovsk chemical plant, mother worked there. There was no big income.

The future star with little sisters were wearing clothes for each other, flirting toys to the holes, but the girl always understood: the singer Vera Brezhnev was demanding new and beautiful things from her parents who could barely make ends meet, wrong and selfish. At the same time, the baby had such a strong desire to break out of poverty and hopeless dullness that, while still at school, she began to make money. At eleven years old, Vera found work in a city park: she set up flowerbeds and cleaned the pool. She especially liked the fact that at the end of the day you could ride the carousel for free. Then during the summer holidays she went with her grandmother to weed kolkhoz vegetables. They did not pay money for it, but there was an opportunity to bring food home, and Vera was very proud that the whole family ate those vegetables in the winter that she earned. Later looked after other people’s children. In high school, got a dishwasher in a cafe. There she did her homework and dirty dishware. All the money earned was honestly given to my mother, to the general family budget.

From her father, the girl adopted such a character trait as straightforwardness, therefore she always fought for justice. Vera Brezhnev’s singer, She was offended when someone was unjustly offended, and for this, in a circle of peers, the girl was always an outcast. Maybe also because outwardly it was an inconspicuous gray mouse – an awkward, lanky girl with glasses, with a short haircut, always in the same skirt, because there was simply no other.

As a teenager, Vera’s eyesight dropped sharply, she had to undergo surgery to stop the progression. The situation was so critical that the girl could go blind. She had to stay in the hospital for a long time, recovering, so she missed her lessons. Her dislike for school was so strong that she didn’t even come to the long-awaited prom night, simply receiving a certificate.

After school, Verochka decided to go to college, but categorically did not want to choose the educational institutions of her native city, realizing that there were no prospects in Dneprodzerzhinsk, so the Faculty of Economics of the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Railway Transport Engineers was chosen. Opportunities to live in the city or go to school every day was not. The girl decided to enter the correspondence department.

group VIA GraNadezhda, Albina, Vera
Classes began, but soon the dream of becoming a mother came true. Vera was only eighteen years old, but despite this she was already fully ready for motherhood, in order to devote herself to the child. She shared care of him with her civil husband Vitaly, who helped the chosen one in everything.

But when the daughter grew up and she was one and a half years old, Vera decided to radically change her life. She broke up with Vitaly and left her native city, leaving the baby in the care of her parents. It was then that she got to audition for “VIA Gra”, but did not immediately receive a response.

The birth of a star Vera Brezhnev
The transformation of Cinderella into a princess began when, in November 2002, Vera decided to participate in the Miss Dnipropetrovsk competition. A bright blond girl with stunning blue eyes was noticed immediately among a large crowd of people who wanted to, and she didn’t even have to go through the qualifying rounds for the rest. The organizers of the competition did not doubt that the three winners Vera Brezhneva will necessarily. But fate made its own adjustments: at this very time, the administrators of the group “VIA Gra” remembered the beauty. And Vera chose a musical career. She was included in the group in January 2003.

singer Vera Brezhnevas Mikhail Kiperman
The first album of the group “Attempt Number” was immediately rewritten “for Faith”, and the new video “Do not leave me, darling!” With its participation took the leading places in the CIS charts. Even the American astronaut Michael Foul took this disk with him on a six-month trip to the space station.

Maria Callas was amazingly beautiful. She was admired, feared. However, with all her genius and controversy, she always remained a woman who wanted to be loved and needed. In 1957,…


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