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They write about Katie Melua as the most successful British singer of Georgian origin. Here, probably, is the case when a person is born with a serious baggage of knowledge and feelings. Then it falls on the fertile ground, is fertilized daily hard work and comes out in the form of a song to the audience.

Kathy is very young, but listening to her compositions, it is impossible to believe it. She sings sensually, penetrating the very heart. They say that it is impossible to sing and write something without feeling it in life. Youth often becomes an obstacle to deep texts and heartfelt performance. Katie doesn’t interfere.

Happy childhood Katie Melua
The future singer was born on September 16, 1984 in the Georgian city of Kutaisi. The family moved frequently. This was due to the fact that little Katie’s father was a practicing surgeon. Thus, they lived for some time in Batumi, and then moved to Northern Ireland and settled in Belfast. Katie was then 8 years old.

Moving is difficult for any family. It is necessary to inhabit the place, to find schools for children. Link work schedule with all the household chores. No wonder they say that the move can only be compared with a fire. The family was not easy. Moreover, it was a move to another country, singer Katie Melua, which was distinguished not only by its language, but also by its culture and traditions. Perhaps that is why, when little Katie told about her new life to an English teacher, she used the expression “out of the frying pan into the fire.”

However, Kathy and her younger brother had a happy childhood. Among the friendly Irish children, they quickly made good friends at St. Catherine’s elementary school and at the Fort William Dominican College. At 13, the girl did not think about a singer’s career. She dreamed of becoming a politician or a historian. Now she recalls: “I really thought that I could give peace to the earth … if I ruled the world!”

The family lived in Belfast for 5 years and then moved to London. And then Katie Melua and her family received real citizenship of the United Kingdom.

Baptism of fire
Katie Melua was 15 years old when she became a participant in a television contest for young talents called “Stars raise noses,” where she sang Mariah Carey’s song “Without You”. singer Katie Melua. Her participation was intended as a joke, but Katie won the competition by winning the redevelopment of the bedroom and the daddy’s chair. But the main and most important thing that gave this competition was the valuable experience of three-time “live” performances on Irish television.

After passing the exam for the certificate of the second stage of education Katie entered the British School of Performing Arts, where she received a diploma of degree A in music. While studying at school, she discovered various styles and musical styles, as well as the names of such artists as Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Queen. The girl was shocked by the song Eva Cassidy. She made a deep impression on her. When Kathy found out that Eva is no longer alive, she composed the song “Faraway Voice”.

Beginning of the way Katie Melua
Composer and producer Mike Butt came to school to find musicians to form a new jazz band. At the last minute audition, Kathy decided to perform her own song, “Faraway Voice”. Mike understood singer Katie Melua that he found a very peculiar and original performer. He said that “people like Katie don’t come across very often.”

Katy signed a contract with the record company Dramatico, but remained in school until graduation. After receiving a diploma with honors in July 2003, Katie and Mike began working on a joint album. It turned out a good tandem: Mike’s ability to compose great songs, multiplied by the singer’s fresh approach with a unique outlook and an exceptional voice.

The first album consisted of original compositions by Mike and Katie, including a carefully selected arrangement. singer Katie Melua The voice of the singer attracted the attention of the famous British radio and TV host Terry Vaughan. He decided to introduce Katie and her first single “The Closest Thing To Crazy” in the summer of 2003. Michael Parkinson – announcer, journalist and writer – also supported this idea, often giving young Katie the opportunity to perform in his show. Simultaneously with the release of the single, Kathy achieved his hit in the charts in 10th place.

Music, both in the form of creativity and in the form of performance, is Katie’s obvious passion. She began composing songs in 2001 and now she has a small home studio that her parents helped create. Kathy Melua strongly believes that music should be performed live and that great musicians are original and talented in their live performances.

Come glory
The end of 2003 was a landmark for the 19-year-old Katie. She was invited to speak at the annual presentation of the Royal Variety, where she met with Queen.

Melua’s debut album “Call Off the Search” was released in Britain in November 2003, and in January of the next year reached the top of the album charts, having displaced Dido. Temporarily relegated singer Katie Melua Norah Jones, Katie has returned to the top of the charts.

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