Alexander Vertinsky created a very special genre of the musical novel - “Vertinsky songs”. At his concerts, some were crying, others were mockingly crooked, but there were no indifferent ...…

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Pianist Lyudmila of Berlin: biography, career and personal life
Lyudmila Valentinovna Berlinskaya - famous Russian and Soviet pianist and actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1996). He is the founder of the Paris Spring festival, the founder of…

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Evgeny Svetlanov - conductor, who is subject to Music
Yevgeny Svetlanov (1928 - 2002) - an outstanding conductor, composer and pianist. For 45 years he worked at the Bolshoi Theater, combining this tremendous creative activity with the leadership of…

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Circulation of Whitney Houston albums exceeds 170 million copies worldwide. She became the record holder in the American charts – 7 singles in a row ranked first. She received an incredible amount of awards, including several Grammy. She ranked fourth in the list of the best-selling US singers and became the idol of millions of fans around the world. But alongside the brilliant fame of Whitney Houston, the shadow side of stellar life unfolded. Scandals, drugs, breakdowns of concerts and … loyal love of the public, in spite of everything, the love of fans for a fantastic talent that justifies all its unbelievable antics.

Waiting for exhalation
In the city of East Orange, New Jersey, on August 9, 1963 a girl was born, whose father gave her the beautiful name Elizabeth Whitney. Adorable baby grew up happy child. Whitney’s parents never quarreled over trifles or serious matters. In the house of John Houston and Emily Drinkard it was not customary to shout. The tradition of joint dinners was sacredly preserved, any questions were discussed, and decisions were made jointly.

Whitney and her brothers were sure; Dad and Mom are loving spouses, best friends and the perfect couple. singer Whitney HoustonNo when Whitney was fifteen, during one warm family dinner, the parents announced the decision to … divorce. Perhaps John Houston and Emily Drinkard were good friends, but they have not been loving spouses for a long time. After the parents divorce, Whitney made a promise to herself: her future family would be real, without falsehood and hypocrisy, with real love, scandals, tears and passionate reconciliation.

Whitney Houston: “A miracle is possible, if you believe”
Mother Whitney Houston Emily Drinkard and cousin Dion Warwick were singers. Whitney became a soloist of the church choir at the age of eleven. For the first time, Whitney attempted to perform as a backing vocalist for Chucky Khan. For several years, Houston honed her vocal skills and took professional dance lessons. Then there were performances with his mother in a nightclub in New York.

Major changes in career occurred in 1983, when a young singer was noticed by a representative of the company Arista Records and recommended to Clive Davis. She later signed a contract with his company. Already in 1985, the debut album “Whitney Houston” was released. At first he was taken cool. Only a year later, the album topped the Billboard 200 chart and lasted 14 weeks in this position. In addition, “Whitney Houston” received international commercial success, and also became the best-selling debut album among female singers. Singer Whitney Houston And Rolling Stone magazine called it “one of the most exciting new voices in recent years.”

The second album Whitney released in June 1987. 7 singles from this album in the Hot 100 became hits, breaking the previous record (six singles) The Beatles and The Bee Gees. The third album “I’m Your Baby Tonight” was released in November 1990. This album was created with the participation of such famous personalities in the musical world as Luther Vandross, Antonio ‘LA’ Reid, Stevie Wonder and Babyface.

In November 1992, Whitney made his film debut. She starred in the movie “Bodyguard.” The singer recorded 6 songs for the picture. The main track was the country song “I Will Always Love You”, which was written by Dolly Parton. Nobody believed in the deafening success of this single because of the slow start of a cappella. But Whitney insisted, and a stunning success awaited her. The single topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 14 weeks. Moreover, the song was for Houston the most successful career. Until now, this hit remains the most commercially successful among performers. Singer Whitney Houston

In 1997, the famous Classic Whitney concert was held in Washington. Houston performed not only her most famous hits, she also included classical compositions of famous singers such as Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Dion Warwick in the program. This concert was broadcast on HBO. At the same time, the film “Cinderella” was shot, where Houston played Fairy and sang two songs – “Impossible” and “There Is Music In You”. “My Love Is Your Love” was Houston’s fourth studio album, which was released in November 1998.

Love … and fists
Whitney’s personal life was not so good. The media discussed the success of the Houston singer and actress, not ignoring her romantic hobbies. Whitney attributed romance with German Jackson, then with Randall Cunningham, and finally it was announced engagement with Eddie Murphy. “My life is perfect,” Whitney shared, “I am recording a new album, I have a lucrative contract with the studio Arista, and we have a wonderful relationship with my fiancé Eddie Murphy.” “You have the same wonderful relationship as your parents had,” her friend once said. – Open your eyes, Whitney, you’re just friends, and love is something completely different. Unless you like the fact that Murphy is rich and famous … “. This random observation made Houston think and after a while she broke off the engagement with Eddie Murphy.

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