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They write about Katie Melua as the most successful British singer of Georgian origin. Here, probably, is the case when a person is born with a serious baggage of knowledge…

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For more than 40 years, people know, love and sing songs of Yuri Antonov. Pretty solid creative experience by today’s standards. Such popularity is worth a lot. As, however, and flattering reviews from the very Sir Paul McCartney.

More than 10 years ago, Yuriy Antonov was awarded the “Ovation” prize in the “Living Legend” nomination, because he is the singer. The composer’s money box contains a large number of discs that are reissued. He actively participates in competitions and festivals both as a member of the jury and as a participant, presenting his new compositions to the listener.

The birth of a legend
The father of the future famous artist was a military man. He was given a vacation in the summer of 1944, and he arrived in Tashkent. Here in the evacuation was the wife of Natalia. 9 months after their “date,” February 19, the son Yura was born.

Mikhail Vasilyevich saw the boy in fragments. My father worked for 3 years in the Berlin commandant’s office. When the Antonov family finally reunited, they decided to move to their permanent residence in the Belarusian city of Molodechno. There Yuri went to school. He began to study music seriously and at the age of 14 became the leader of the railroad choir at the local depot, and went to Vilnius for notes for the orchestra.

In the same club, 20 km from Molodechno, he came to play the accordion, for which he received 60 singer Yuri Antonov rubles per month. At this time, Yuri Antonov met with jazz classics, which later played a certain role in his work.

Yuriy Antonov was no less active in his studies at the music school. There he even created Dixieland. Due to the lack of necessary equipment, the participants had to be content with what was at hand – Russian folk instruments. But despite this, Dixieland Antonov was popular.

Believe in the dream
After graduating from the music school Yury Antonov, they sent a music teacher to the children’s music school in Minsk. And soon the young musician was offered to take the place of the instrumental soloist in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. After serving in the army, Yuri returns to his native philharmonic and organizes his first singer Yuri Antonov team. And a few years later he was invited to work in the legendary Leningrad Ensemble “Singing Guitars”. In this group, Yury Antonov performed his own author songs for the first time. But the song “For me there is no you more beautiful” brings him all-Union popularity – a hit of that time. This song was popular not only among listeners and viewers, but, very importantly, it gained flattering reviews from musicians. In addition, for the first time in the USSR, Yury Mikhailovich sang the song of the Hungarian composer Gavashi “People meet”. Later, the participants of “Singing Guitars” admitted that songs from Antonov were falling like a horn of plenty.

Good fellow Yuri Antonov
In 1971, Yuri went to Moscow. Here begins a new period of his work. He performs in the band “Dobry Well done”. He writes new songs performed by the “Merry guys” ensemble under the direction of Pavel Slobodkin. At this time, he wrote the song “Just yesterday”, “Summer ends”, “At the birch trees, singer Yury Antonov and the Pines”. He is invited to the orchestra conducted by Anatoly Kroll as a solo singer. Performances begin in Moscow.

The singer admits that in “Rosconcert” the band “Dobry Well done” had to pass a concert program 18 times! The fight that Yuri spent in those years, strongly tempered him. Then, among young people, there was a fashion for long hair and sideburns, like Tom Jones. But the arts councils did not recognize her. Somehow the ensemble handed over the next program, and the members of the commission demanded that the musicians shorten their hair. In protest, they all cut their heads naked. “What have you done!” The jury resented. To which the guys responded: “So, nobody forbade such a view?”

At this time, “Rosconcert” is carrying out plans to create the Moscow Music Hall, and Yuri leadership promises its own group. Subsequently, the singer Yuri Antonov, this group becomes independent and gets the name “Highway”. With this ensemble, Yuri Antonov is touring throughout the country with his own solo program.

The company “Melody” begin to come out his first records. The whole country is singing songs by Yuri Antonov, but the path to television is closed. Yes, and with the sound boards of the recording company is not so simple. Many songs of Yuri are not allowed to be published. The reason for all is not a member of the Union of Composers. But, nevertheless, the popularity of the Soviet listener is growing like a snowball. The circulation of his records grow like mushrooms, the bill has already gone to millions. Yury Antonov has a new team – “Airbus”. The recordings of the new songs begin – “On Kashtanova Street”, “I Am Coming to Meet You”, “White Ship”.

Moonlight Yuri Antonov
But the real takeoff is still ahead. This is a great job at the company “Melody” with the group “Araks”. There are records with the songs “Do not forget,” “Sea”, “Twenty years later”, “I remember.” Sold 20 million copies!

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