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7 paternal tips from famous guitarists for beginners
We all make mistakes, especially when we are just starting to learn something. We have collected tips from famous guitarists to help you learn. And also we will tell you…

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Demis Roussos, performer of melodic love songs, is known to the whole world as the “Greek nightingale”. The popularity of a loving singer is equated to the popularity of the…

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More than 70 years ago in the little American town of Nat Bush in Tennessee, a certain Anna May Bullock was born. From early childhood she loved to sing. The first scene for Tina Turner was the nightclubs of her hometown of Brownsville. And who would have guessed then that this girl not so much time would be the queen of rock and roll and a living legend.

Winner of eight Grammy awards, the title of “Queen of Rock and Roll”, the most successful rock singer of all time, like 50 years ago, the singer takes the stage in mini-skirts. And for good reason, because according to the results of many surveys, her legs are recognized as the most beautiful in show business.

Children’s ordeals
Tina Turner is a unique personality in the world of music, with millions of fans of all ages. If they dislike her, they respect her. Success came to Tina rather late, but what a success!

The future star was born on November 26, 1939. singer Tina Turner Anna had a good voice and a great love for music. She heard her first works on the radio and sang in the church choir. The relations of the parents were far from ideal, soon Anna’s mother, Zelma, left the family and left for St. Louis. Father married again and after a couple of years packed his bags and moved to Detroit. For a while, Anna and her elder sister, Ellin, lived with relatives, and then moved to their mother in St. Louis. It was a real big city, and Anna felt that something extraordinary would finally happen here in her life. Unlike his native Nat Bush, St. Louis had a place to go in the evening. On the day of the 17th anniversary of Anna Ellin she took her sister to her favorite club “Manhattan”. That evening the team The Kings of Rhythm played there. The girls sat down at the table and enthusiastically began to listen to fast, loud music. After a few moments, the band leader appeared on the scene. He walked slowly to the microphone, picked up the guitar and began to play. It was Ike Turner.

A chance for Tina Turner
Anna May Bullock has never heard such amazing music in her life. From that moment on, she was seen at the club every evening, and soon, together with Ellin, they met all the musicians of the group. Anna even told Ike that she was not averse to singing with the “Kings”. singer Tina Turner “Good idea,” he answered, “soon you will have a chance.” But there were days, weeks, and there was no chance, but one evening one of the musicians of Ike jumped with a microphone to Ellyn and asked her to do something.

She fiercely waved away, and then Anna snatched the microphone out of the hands of the musician and sang. Hearing Anna’s voice, Ike jumped off the stage, ran up to her, lifted him up in his arms and exclaimed: “I didn’t think that you really know how to sing.” After that, Anna became one of the vocalists of The Kings Of Rhythm. Thus began the stellar story of the future Tina Turner.

Ike called her Little Ann, bought her silver dresses, jewelry and even gave money to put in a gold tooth. Anna was in heaven with happiness.

Exactly a year later, when she was 18, Anna had a son from one of the musicians of the group, and very soon the newly-made father left his newly formed family. Anna was left alone with the child. Despite the troubles in his personal life, by the age of twenty, Little Ann had become the lead singer of The Kings Of Rhythm.

Despot in the flesh
But less than a year after the success of their new song “A Fool In Love”, as ambitious Ike announced that he was going to leave the band and leave for California. Anna was to become a star in his new team and be called a new name – Tina Turner.

singer Tina Turner Ike Turner
As a child, Ike loved stories about “African savages,” and his favorite character was “The Jungle Queen”. “Tire” became “Tina”, and Tina became Hayk’s personal savage.

Pretty quickly The Ike & Tina Turner Revue became popular enough to go on tour. In addition to success, Tina also had money. But the family life of Tina and Ike was not at all happy. Ike, realizing that thanks to Tina’s vocal abilities, you can earn good money, just made her work day and night. She often appeared on stage with a black eye or a split lip.

By that time, Tina was the mother of two children already: a second son was born to Ike. In addition to her singer Tina Turner, the sons of Tina raised two children from Hayk’s last marriage.

Revue toured 270 days a year, but despite this, Ike’s dream of a “white” hit did not materialize. Until a man named Phil Spector appeared on their creative path. He decided to make a record with Tina. By May 1966 the song was ready. “River Deep Mountain Hight” took only 88th place in the American charts, but in the British charts got to the third. Tina did not expect that success will come to her from across the ocean. With this news came another: the fashionable British team Rolling Stones invited Turners to take part in their tour.

From scratch
It was during this tour that Tina met with a fortune-teller, who predicted a brilliant future and great fame.

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7 paternal tips from famous guitarists for beginners
We all make mistakes, especially when we are just starting to learn something. We have collected tips from famous guitarists to help you learn. And also we will tell you…


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