Lyudmila Gurchenko half a century ago became a popular favorite, truly a superstar. Diva of the national cinema has overcome a difficult path, earning success and recognition. Whatever Ludmila Gurchenko…

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With such a face, Frank Sinatra could become a successful intelligence officer - it was impossible to remember him. Small, inconspicuous, with gimlet of light eyes. But not with his…

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Anna Hermann's voice is decorated with one single film - “Fate”. She will forever remain in the memory of the audience beautiful and young - wonderful Anna Herman, who sang…

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Edith Piaf’s life story is both happy and tragic at the same time. On Shapnel Boulevard, a man came up to the grubby nineteen-year-old girl, and the couple headed to the hotel. The girl looked so miserable that he asked: “Why are you doing this?” “I need to bury my daughter, not enough ten francs,” she replied. The man gave her the money and left. Edith Giovanna’s only daughter Gaceon died. She will survive four car accidents, a suicide attempt, two attacks of delirium tremens, the first and second world wars, will drive the crowds of men crazy and die before they reach fifty. The whole of France will bury her, and the whole world will mourn. On her grave will write: “Edith Piaf.”

There are two more dates on the same grave: death – 1963 – and birth. On a cold December night, a policeman heard screams. When I ran, I saw a woman giving birth. She wrapped her new baby girl in a policeman’s raincoat and called Edith on December 19, 1915. Here, perhaps, everything that circus performer Anette Maiar did for her daughter, before giving her upbringing to her parents and wisely hiding. The father of the baby Louis Gason immediately after her birth went to the front. So was born the great Edith Piaf.

After some time, her grandmother on the paternal side, Louise, a cook in a brothel, agreed to pick her up. singer Edith Piaf In the institution the girl was washed (probably for the first time after her birth) and dressed in a new dress. It turned out that under the crust of mud hid a wonderful creature, but, alas, absolutely blind. It turned out that in the very first months of life, Edith began to develop a cataract. Grandma Louise did not spare money for treatment, but nothing helped. When there was no hope, the grandmother took Edith to Lisieux to Saint Teresa, where thousands of pilgrims from all over France gather annually, and Edith saw the light.

Soon, Edith went to school, surrounded by the care of a loving grandmother, but respectable ordinary people did not want to see a child living in a brothel near her children, and her studies for the girl very quickly ended. Then Louis Gacion took Edith to Paris, where they started working together in the squares – his father showed acrobatic tricks, and his nine-year-old daughter sang.

Youth Edith Piaf
At fourteen, Edith decided that she was already completely independent. She worked with her half-sister Simone. On the day they earned about 300 francs. singer Edith Piaf Deneg was quite enough for them to pay for a room in a terrible hotel, buy new clothes, when dirt began to fall off the old one, and not lack wine and canned goods (the sisters didn’t even think that you could wash clothes, prepare food, and wash the dishes).

Men in the life of Edith appeared early – almost immediately after her departure from her father. She fell in love regularly and regularly threw lovers. So it was all her life. The father of her only child, Louis Dupont, was no exception. He earned a living by carrying food on an old bike. He moved in with the sisters on the same day he met them. A year later, the daughter Edith and Louis – Marcel appeared. The young mother did not give up the singer Edith Piaf her craft, and when Louis could not stay with the child, she dragged him along.

When Edith was offered to sing in a cheap cabaret, Du Pont’s patience came to an end. A few days later, the girl took Louis. For her father, she was just a tool, able to return and tame her beloved. At this time in Europe, the “Spaniard” raged, Marcel fell ill. After visiting her daughter, Edith herself became ill. As a result, Piaf recovered, and Marcel died. Together with his daughter, Edith finally left and Louis.

“Baby Piaf”
Edith returned to the streets again. She sang with her sister and begged. One day she saw on the street a sleek gentleman of forty who shouted after her: singer Edith Piaf “Do you want to perform in a cabaret? My name is Louis Leple, I am the owner of the “Zhernis” cabaret. Come back tomorrow, if you like. ” The day before her debut, Edith realized that she had nothing to go on stage. She ran into the shop and bought three skeins of black wool. All night long knitted dress. By the evening of the next day there was another sleeve. Leple, finding her in a dressing room with knitting needles in her hands, came into indescribable rage. In a hurry, Edith pulled on her dress, which still lacked one sleeve. A minute later Leple brought a white scarf.

It was Leple who found Edith’s name, Piaf (in Parisian argot, this means “little sparrows”). In Zerniss, her name was printed on the posters as “Baby Piaf”, and the success of the very first performances was immense. However, the successful takeoff was interrupted by tragedy: Louis Leple was soon shot in the head, and Edith Piaf was among the suspects. She recalled a dubious past and suspicious buddies, but later released.

New takeoff Edith Piaf
It is not known how it would all end if it were not for the note found in his pocket: “Ramon Asso” and the phone number. Edith strained her whole memory to remember who it could be: “It seems to be a poet. We met him at Zerniss. ” Ramone bluntly told her: “I will help you.

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